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Anchorage, Alaska Saves Big Over Bathtub Replacement


Our competitors’ rates range from $1,500 to $2,000! • We can save you up to 75% • You do the math, we’ll do your tub.

Before beginning any renovation project, please consider the following information about the exclusive Polyglaze system from Tub Tech.

Several Reasons to Re-Glaze

Beautiful, yet Tough

The quality finished product yields a factory appearance and is virtually indistinguishable from a new fixture.  Polyglaze looks, feels and behaves like porcelain and will outperform other resurfacing materials in durability and overall appearance.


The Polyglaze system will save up to 50% or more over the cost of replacement

Minimal Disruption – no removal required

All work is performed on location without disturbing the walls, plumbing or existing fixtures.  Do away with contractors taking over your home for days or weeks on end.  Most projects can be completed in one day or less, and fixtures are usable just 24 hours after completion.

Technically Superior

The Polyglaze system outperforms the competition in impact and chip resistance and matches or exceeds the hardness of any other resurfacing material in the marketplace.  Designed specifically for use in wet areas, Polyglaze will easily withstand exposure to hot water and the extreme temperature changes associated with the bathing environment, without loosing its glaze.  It will not crack, peel or chip when exposed to these conditions.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Polyglaze is stain and detergent resistant and will not allow mold or mildew to grow in the surface.  It is easily cleaned by all leading brand, non-abrasive household cleaners.

Prompt Professional Service

As a 100% independently and locally owned company, it is always our desire to deliver outstanding, on time customer service.

Peace of Mind Guarantee

We’ve got you covered with the extensive 7 year Guarantee
It will not crack, peel or chip on its own. 

Polyglaze is a unique re-glazing product that offers one of the finest finishes in the industry. It is a molecular bonding process that quite literally fuses the coating to the surface on the molecular level. It is not a paint, but is rather an advanced Aliphatic Acrylic Urethane coating designed to withstand the rigors of hot water exposure present in the bathing environment. Polyglaze goes on smoother, has a deeper gloss, and is more impact/ chip resistant than most other resurfacing products. It will yield a nicer overall appearance and will out last the competition in durability and longevity.


Step 1
The caulking is removed from the perimeter of the fixture and the surface is thoroughly cleaned.  Cleaning is performed with a twofold chemical and mechanical process.

Step 2
Previous damage to the fixture such as chips, cracks, rust, etc. are addressed and repaired.  These repaired sites will be invisible once the Polyglaze process is completed.

Step 3
All other bathroom fixtures and surfaces are then carefully masked off and properly covered.  This includes walls, floor, vanity and toilet.  Next, the room is fitted with the necessary ventilation and exhaust equipment.  This ensures an extremely clean application and completely protects the rest of the bathroom from residual overspray.

Step 4
A thin layer of our exclusive bonding agent is applied to the surface.  This unique chemical creates over twice the adhesion of competitive resurfacing methods and is ready for top coating almost immediately.  In addition, it will outlast the competition in its ability to withstand hot water exposure and the thermal cycling which occurs on the surface (alternating cycles of heat and cold.)

Step 5
Now it’s time for the Polyglaze application.  Six layers of Polyglaze is applied to the surface.  The finished product yields a surface that is smoother, with deeper gloss than competitive products and is virtually indistinguishable from a brand new fixture.

Step 6
The fixture is re-caulked and ready for use just 24 hours later.

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